White Balsamic Mediterranean - 250 ml


WHITE BALSAMIC MEDITERRANEAN - with mint and rosemary infusion

Balsamico Mediterraneo is the great news of Acetaia Sereni. Already winner in Chicago – NRA Show at "Bellavita Awards" as “Best Italian product 2019”.

A sweet and sour condiment with a clear colour and fruity, aromatic flavours.
Obtained with infusion of Mint and Rosemary cultivated in our farm, that enrich the product with their freshness and their mediterranean scents. 

It’s completely natural, without the add of aroma/artificial flavours, easy to digest.

It can be used on marinades, beef-carpaccio, fish (salmon, white fish, sea bream, shrimps), preparation of vinaigrette, salads, raw vegetables, boiled or grilled, caprese mozzarella and tomatoes; but also for innovative uses as for the preparation of cocktails (gin tonic, Negroni…) or pure as it is, on the spoon: excellent for the well-being of your body, stomach anti-septic and digestive.

The mint is bactericide, helps the respiratory system, fights halitosis, and helps for gastrointestinal complaints.
The rosemary is a stimulant, anti-sepctic, and helps the digestion.


Size: 250 ml