Sereni a tavola – Tasting Case


Our territory represented in five tastings of Balsamic Vinegar matched with materials, scents and flavours deeply rooted in our traditions. Their different organoleptic properties create evocative stories and paths closely connected to the production of our Black Gold. Indeed, the innate Balsamic Vinegar’s ease to combine with any kind of food is enhanced by this wide set of tastings: find the one that perfectly match your favourite dish.


Our White Balsamic aged in Ash barriques, with its fruity flavour and a vanilla aftertaste given by the wood in which it is aged. 


Our Balsamic Vinegar aged only in prestigious Cherry barrels. An unmistakable aroma.


Round and soft as cotton, full-bodied, sweet, of shiny black colour.


Our Balsamic Vinegar aged in Oak barrels, dark brown colour, creamy and distinctly acid.


Aged with traditional method of “Rincalzo”, passing also by Juniper wood barrel: aromatic, intriguing, even slightly spicy.