Cherry Jam



Gathered from the cherries of Vignola cultivated on our farm estates.

This jam is obtained at a low cooking temperature, in order to preserve every taste and colour of its fruit.

The perfect balance between sweet and acidic, ideal for breakfast or a bread snack, crackers as well as for the preparation of cakes, on cheese and on the traditional Tigelle from Modena.

Ingredients: Cherries, grape sugar

Quantity: 320 g

It contains 180 g of fruit for 100 g of finished product.

It contains 45 g of sugars for 100 g of finished product.

Average values for 100 g of product
Energy 469 kJ/117 kcal; Fats 0 g, of which satured 0 g; Carbohydrates 27 g, of which sugars: 27 g; Protein 1 g; Salt 0 g.