Sereni AI - Arte Italiana



Sweet & sour condiment for food - 500 ml 

It's not "Balsamic Vinegar" because it doesn't comply with all the requirements of the production specification by our choice.

We were looking for a product that would surprise even the most refined palates. We found it thanks to the high density and creaminess that gives softness and roundness, a mature acid note that brings elegance, depth and persistence and a delicately sweet and spicy finish. The long aging in large oak barrels gives the product deep and complex aromas, with notes of orange peel, nutmeg and white pepper.

Great versatility in the kitchen, on cold dishes such as salads, raw vegetables, fresh cheeses, caprese, but also grilled or roast meats, crudités.


In an era in which technology seems to dominate every aspect of daily life, rediscovering the importance of Italian art and human "know-how" is crucial to maintaining a balance between technological progress and humanity.
We wanted to stop in front of the rapid progress of technology, which often replaces human work with Artificial Intelligence and makes any idea impersonal and cold; we stopped to recognize the value of art and demonstrate that an artist can do much more than a simple algorithm, because he is able to interpret a thought, a vision or a moment, and reproduce it with a figure.
Each image depicted on this bottle recalls an object, a person, a joke or a moment within our company. Each of these elements contributes to making the product you will taste unique and inimitable.

This approach not only allows us to create more authentic and personalized products, but also helps to preserve the richness and diversity of artistic and cultural expressions.